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Constructing a Portable Camp Chair

An easy to build and comfortable forest chair can be constructed from straight saplings and cordage to make you feel right at home. And nature is your TV! The only thing missing are cup holders.


TOOLS: Knife or Machete
MATERIALS: Hardwood Saplings, cordage, live tree

our sit spot

our sit spot

We will be using these at our sit spot where we immerse daily.

Construction is simple. Fell and remove limbs from saplings about “OK” size and cut two equal sections out of the largest part (“A” frame) and one section to traverse the bottom of the “A” frame (butt holder). No precise measurements required, use your best judgement. It will work. This time we used frame poles about 4 feet long. We found a tree with excellent shade near a beautiful area to enjoy the ebb and flow.

Bushcraft Camp Chairs

Paracord or other strong cord should be used for lashing, even primitive cordage will work if crafted properly. We used 550 paracord which is overkill for the job, but handy. I like to make a loop to start my lashings. This makes it much tighter and will stand up to long hours of sitting. For this project we wrapped cord in one direction tightly around both poles, then wrapped horizontally around the bundled cord between the poles (see image). This ensures that the sections won’t move under the weight of a person.

These are great! They are surprisingly comfortable and very sturdy. I’m glad we found this idea so that we can add it to our repertoire. The motivation it will provide to immerse in nature daily is substantial. It creates a very inviting space. If you are just beginning your journey in survival or bushcrafting, it is a good stepping stone to learn a few essential skills: material selection, chopping, lashing, and sitting ;)

A final note, a chair is a temporary crutch to operating in nature the right way. It is a luxury. We should all take the time to practice sitting comfortably in a full squat the way our ancestors did. It takes a lot of practice to build the flexibility needed for a full squat sit. In this way we can make anyplace our haven for discovery. But in the mean-time, “bring out the comfy chair!”

Design Source: https://youtu.be/SuPIAnyWbU8

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